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SyncEase your business and IT goals for faster innovation and seamless integration with our advanced services.


Welcome to iCOSS Technology, your primary destination for comprehensive printer repair and service solutions. We understand the role printers play in your business, and are committed to ensuring your printing process performs at its best. Our team of experienced technicians are skilled at diagnosing and solving problems with a wide range of printers, a one-stop shop for all your printing needs. It provides location-solution.

iCOSS Technology Inc. for all your printer maintenance and service needs. With our expertise and commitment to excellence that extends across a range of products, we are your trusted partner in maintaining a reliable and efficient printing environment. Contact us today to get the difference in a professional print service done right.

Paper Jam Issue?

Incorrect paper type or size, Overloaded paper tray, Misaligned paper, Dirty rollers errors, Damaged paper, Printer settings, Paper path obstruction errors.


We are here for your PC and Laptop Troubleshooting. Experiencing frustrating issues with your PC or laptop? Our professional team is here to provide effective solutions to common problems. Whether you’re dealing with a black screen, broken speakers, or startup hiccups, we’ve got you covered. Our core services include fixing PC black screen issues, fixing speaker issues for an enhanced audio experience, fixing basic errors, optimizing and enhancing PC performance, fixing PC Wi-Fi connections and fixed, fixing USB port issues not working, PC-. There are also addressing overheating concerns , as well as slow system problems with special solutions for Windows 10 and 11. Additionally, our team provides expert support to reconfigure your PC with trouble complete types of preparation for the system gently.

Whether you have a specific issue with the given keywords or any other problem you are facing, trust us for an effective and reliable solution. Don’t let technical challenges slow you down; Let us bring your PC to optimum performance.


Navigating through email content? Our dedicated team is here to address a variety of common issues that affect your email performance. Whether you’re dealing with login issues, delivery failures, or spam issues, we offer comprehensive solutions. In addition, our experts resolve issues such as synchronization errors, attachment errors, and configuration issues. Stay at ease as we optimize your email system, ensuring communication flows smoothly and efficiently. Let us be your go-to solution for complete email problems.

Expert email troubleshooting

Experiencing frustrating email problems? Our team specializes in providing expert solutions for many email issues. From troubleshooting login challenges to fixing delivery failures to fixing spam problems and optimizing email scheduling, we specialize in making sure your email communication remains seamless. We are fixing common problems like email not syncing, attachment issues, and configuration issues daily. With our tailored approach, we bring functionality back to your email experience, ensuring you stay connected without interruption.


Confidently access our hassle-free Garmin GPS update services and make sure your device is up to date with maps and features. Enjoy free Garmin Nuvi GPS, lifetime maps, and new real-time traffic, and enhance your travel experience at no cost. Whether you’re a golfer looking for course updates, a fishing enthusiast who relies on a Garmin fish finder, or a truck driver in need of specific tactics, we’ve got you covered.

Unlock the full potential of your Garmin devices with our customized updates. From golf watches to nautical chart plotters and truck GPS units, our services meet a variety of needs. Our simple schedule ensures you have access to the latest technology, making every trip efficient and enjoyable. Trust us for reliable and affordable Garmin GPS updates, and experience the difference on the road, on the road, or at sea.

Look for the same excellence with updates from other popular brands like Rand McNally, Golf Buddy and Magellan. Use accurate, up-to-date information, whether you’re traveling cross-country, perfecting your golf swing, or exploring uncharted territories. Trust us to stay connected and informed, no matter what brand you trust.


Increase the resiliency of your business with our comprehensive network security services. Our team of experts specialize in installing and maintaining robust security systems to protect your digital assets. From firewalls to intrusion detection systems to encryption protocols, we ensure your network remains secure against evolving cyber threats. Trust us to implement state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your specific business needs, giving you peace of mind in an increasingly connected world.

Data Reconstruction Specialists:

In addition to our network security services, we offer specialized data recovery solutions to mitigate the impact of unexpected data loss. Our experienced technicians use advanced techniques to recover vital information from damaged systems, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Whether you’re facing an accidental deletion, hardware failure, or cyberattack, our data recovery is central to our commitment to keeping your business operations secure and durable.


In the domain of wireless connectivity, users often struggle with setting up and optimizing their WiFi networks. Devices such as the Netgear WiFi extender or TP-Link extender need to be carefully maintained when installed. As users go through the complexities of Netgear extender setup or TP-Link WiFi extender setup, “How do you install a Netgear WiFi extender?” or “Steps for TP-Link extender Setup?” emphasizes the need for clear direction.

A range of devices, from WiFi repeaters to mesh components, add complexity. Users can configure Netgear range extender or wifi settings or TP-Link range extender or wifi settings. As the demand for reliable wireless connectivity increases for laptops, PCs and other devices, it’s important to address not only individual settings but the broader context of a unified home wireless network around. The multifaceted challenges highlight the need for comprehensive support to guide users through the complex WiFi setups.

New Device Purchase

When you choose iCOSS Technology Inc, you’re not just buying equipment; You invest in reliability, performance and innovation. Explore our diverse offerings and elevate your computing experience with the latest technology from the industry’s most trusted brands. For all your printing needs, browse our collection of printers from industry leaders like HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and Xerox. Whether you need an efficient office printer or a high-quality photo printer, we have the solution for your notes.

Get the highest level of computing experience with our selection of laptops from leading brands like HP, Dell, Asus, Acer and Apple. From stylish ultra-books to powerful gaming laptops.

Get there with confidence using our GPS devices from Magellan, Rand McNally, and Garmin. Whether you’re planning a road trip or need specific directions for business use, our GPS systems offer cutting-edge technology to keep you on the right track.

Enhance your cyber security posture with our firewall solutions from top companies like Sophos, Fortinet, FortiGate, Check Point, WatchGuard, and SonicWall. Protect your digital assets with advanced firewall technology designed to meet the security requirements of today’s connected world.

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