Refund & Returns

Important Terms of Refund

Before you start coming back, read:

  1. Request your return within 05 days of receiving the service.
  2. iCOSS Technology Inc. offers refunds in the same manner as purchases. Credit card refunds are credited to the card used to purchase the item. Credits are issued for account balances on orders. PayPal refunds are sent to your PayPal account.
  3. iCOSS releases the credit and PayPal refund within 10 business days of the request. Refunds for alternative payment methods are issued within 5 to ten business days.
  4. Initial processing and assisting costs are non-refundable.


Ques 1. Do you promise satisfaction?

Ans: All services from iCOSS come with a 5-day guarantee of 100% satisfaction. The most important thing to note here is that we have a promising 5-day rolling guarantee which means that the guarantee is renewed at any time after a service call for the same issue.

IMPORTANT This guarantee does not apply after review. Calling in weeks or months to say the problem was never fixed puts us in an impossible position there’s no way for us to verify it.

Ques 2. I want a refund because I did not use iCOSS Technology’s service?

Ans: This is not the right claim because there are a number of preventive services running in the background even if you are not actively using services from iCOSS 7 day 24/7 support. Even if you don’t realize it, so we recommend an evaluation of the level of services and a downgrade if one is needed.

Ques 3. I agreed to the refund, but I don’t see it in my bank account. why?

Ans: It generally takes 10 to 14 business days to process a refund after considering the situation, as some banks take longer than others. In extreme cases, further investigation and clarification may be necessary before your application is approved. If you have a question about the status of your refund, contact us at any time or email us at

Ques 4. My question wasn’t answered here?

Ans: If this is the case then please call us at 1800-643-9773 or reach out to us via email at so that, we may be able to solve any additional inquiries you may have regarding our refunds and cancellation policies.

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