Fast, free shipping on orders over $200

Our early, free shipping offer applies to all $200 (before tax, cost and promo code) of iCOSS Technology products from shipped via standard delivery.

Please note that larger items will require our delivery system, and this service incurs additional costs, even if an item costs more than $200.

Exceptional characteristics

iCOSS Technology’s free shipping offer does not apply to the following Province:

  • JM – Nunavik – Heavyweight
  • X0A – Kikiktaluk area, NT
  • X0B – Kitikmeot area, N.U
  • X0C – Kivallik area, NU
  • X0E – Central Northwest Region, NT
  • X0G – Southwest Northwest Region, NT
  • Y0A – Southeast Yukon, YT
  • Y0B – Central Yukon, YT

Some remote areas in Canada can only be reached by air. Free shipping is not available in these cases and additional postage may apply. If your order requires an additional postage fee, we will contact you to confirm whether you wish to pay the additional fee or cancel your order. If you do not respond within 48 hours, your order will be automatically cancelled.

  • Items sold and shipped by Marketplace Sellers (unless otherwise specified).
  • Larger items requiring delivery
  • Objects or areas requiring ventilation

Additionally, iCOSS Technology’s free shipping offer does not include postal code locations beginning with:

  • Large Planned Distribution: Larger or heavier items such as computers, firewalls and printers are planned. If you are purchasing large items, you will be emailed an order to order and asked to choose a delivery date. The delivery method depends on the code you submit.
  • Please note that larger items are shipped in their original box with a shipping label directly on the back. The box may arrive damaged or damaged (sometimes).
  • Rest assured that safety is our top priority when visiting your home. Our trusted delivery agents will follow regional health and safety policies to ensure everyone’s safety.

Delivery methods:

  • in-home
  • door-to-door
  • outdoor

The most common delivery method for large items is home delivery. There are a few cases where a product may be delivered to your door or the side of the road. Read our shipping details below to find out what to expect with your package.

Regardless of the method of delivery, not all large items will be free of unattended delivery and will require the signature of a person 18 years of age or older for delivery.

Delivery at home

For the most part, we offer home delivery for all major purchases, where the courier delivers the item(s) directly to your home.

Distribution by

If you have arranged for home delivery, but the answers to our inspection questions do not meet our security standards, we will deliver your goods to your doorstep (instead of to your home).

If you live in a detached house or townhouse, your belongings will be delivered to your front door, porch, or garage. If you live in an apartment or condominiums, your belongings will be delivered to your front door, not your room.

Curbside delivery for remote locations: If you live in a remote area, your luggage will be delivered curbside (where the driveway meets the street).

What to expect before giving birth

A week before dispatch:

  • We will send you a text message to remind you of your delivery schedule, confirm that your chosen delivery date is correct, and provide you with important safety information regarding your delivery—please you read these articles carefully.
  • If you find that a detail is incorrect, or if you want to reschedule, simply follow the instructions in the text message.

The day before your birth:

You will receive an out-of-date call and text message the day before your scheduled delivery. Making an automated call:

  • Confirm that delivery is scheduled for the next day
  • Tells you about the 3 hour delivery window
  • Shortly after the automated call, we will send you a text message with important delivery information—please read this information carefully.

If you find that a detail is incorrect, or if you want to reschedule, simply follow the instructions in the text message. When you leave an automated call, we will leave the same information as the voicemail.

Here’s how our agent will get things done when delivering to your home:

  • Workspace will be set up to provide plenty of space to work, providing a safe distance between you and your family. Please respect this boundary and do not cross until the agent leaves your home.
  • Once the agent has completed your delivery, you will be asked to sign the delivery note (please use your pen if possible). The agent will then take photos of the paperwork for their records, as well as photos of your new product.

Return, exchange, move, and other household chores

  • To provide additional services to our agent such as returns, exchanges, installations, or removals for recycling, they must be able to enter your home.

If you have already paid for a job, and our agents are only able to deliver at the door, you will be refunded for services not delivered, or if you prefer we can bring you back at a later date to complete service which you have purchased.

Additionally, for any return, exchange, or delivery items, please disassemble and sort through your old equipment, and clean the area by clearing all obstructions in the equipment disposal process.

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