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SonicWall TZ470 Network Security/Firewall Device – Intrusion Prevention – 8 Ports – 1000Base-T – 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet – 448 MB/s Firewall Throughput – AES (192-bit), DES, MD5, AES (256-bit), 3DES, AES (128-bit), SHA-1 – 8 x RJ-45 – 2 Total Expansion Slots – 3 Year Promotional Business APSS – Desktop Product Image is illustrative and may not correspond to exact product expansion.

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As per my latest knowledge update in January 2022, SonicWall TZ470 is a network security appliance designed for small to medium enterprises. SonicWall is a well-known provider of network security solutions, and the TZ series is part of their strategy that focuses on providing robust protection for network environments. Here are some of the key features of the SonicWall TZ470:

  1. Firewall Protection: The TZ470 is equipped with a firewall to protect against unauthorized access and other security threats. It uses stateful packet monitoring, intrusion prevention, and other security measures to protect the network.
  2. VPN (Virtual Private Network): VPN capabilities are often integrated into SonicWall devices, allowing for secure remote access and offsite connectivity This is important for businesses with multiple remote employees or offices.
  3. Security Services: SonicWall devices typically support a variety of security functions including antivirus, anti-spyware and content filtering. This service also helps control access to malware, spyware and inappropriate content.
  4. Wireless Networking: Some devices in the TZ series, including the TZ470, offer integrated wireless capabilities, enabling businesses to add a secure wireless network to wired connections.
  5. Management and Monitoring: SonicWall provides a user interface that allows administrators to configure policies, monitor network activity, and respond to security incidents. The devices typically support central management solutions for large deployments.
  6. Advanced Threat Protection: SonicWall appliances typically come with features to provide advanced threat protection, including cloud-based services that can detect and block threats in real time.
  7. Updates and Support: SonicWall provides regular firmware updates to address security vulnerabilities and improve functionality. Additionally, technical support offices are available to help with any issues or questions.

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