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Common problems with Xerox printers can vary, but some issues are more common than others

How to fix XEROX printer as its not printing?

  1. Sounds obvious, but make sure you’ve sent the print job to the right printer.
  2. Double check that the power is on and all wires are secure.
  3. Make sure that there is paper in the tray and that it is the correct paper.
  4. Turn off the printer, wait 20 seconds and turn it back on.
  5. Check the included printer to install the correct and current printer driver on the computer you are printing from.

Why my XEROX printer showing Offline Status?

  1. Try to change SNMP Enabled Status on the Windows Printer Port.
  2. Configuring, modifying or verifying the Microsoft Windows OS print driver uses the LPR protocol, not the RAW protocol.
  3. Check if the device is set to Online.
  4. Needs a Software Reset or Power Off and Power On as required.
  5. Try to reconnect the Network Cable from both the Xerox printer and the Wall Connection.

XEROX Printer email server authentication failure?

  1. Verify that the SMTP authentication user name and password are correct
  2. Check the date and time of the equipment is correct.
  3. Verify that the SMTP server configuration is configured correctly
  4. Use browsers to access Centre Ware Internet Services.
  5. The device email address must match the SMTP authentication login account.
  6. Perform a Test on the SMTP Server.

How to fix XEROX printer network communication problem?

  1. Configure printer port options From the installed web server, click Settings: Network/Ports – TCP/IP – TCP/IP Port Access.
  2. Configure the restricted server list From the installed web server, click Settings: Network/Ports – TCP/IP.
  3. Ensure that the firewall is not blocking the connection or enterprise VPN.
  4. Try to print again after the successful setup.

Firmware upgrade failed on my xerox printer.

Find out why Xerox printer firmware upgrade failed and find solutions to fix it.

Update Printer's Firmware

Document feeder communication error?

Resolve document feeder connection on your Xerox printer with fixing tips info.

Re-configure Your Printer

Faulty printhead or insufficient ink?

Is your printhead faulty or low on ink? Identify problems and solve printer errors.

Replacing or refilling helps

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is there still a question about your Xerox Printer? Please help by finding additional answers with our easy-to-use guide FAQ’s.

This procedure describes the steps to install the software downloaded from the Xerox website.
  • Verify that the correct PCL parameters are used, and then execute the command again.

Print Report

  • Print the configuration report on the device control panel.

Xerox printer troubleshooting assistance for Drivers Update

  • Download and install the software for .
    • Open a web browser, then type in the address field.
    • Type the printer model name in the search field, and then click Drivers & Downloads.
    • Click on the software you want to install, then follow the instructions to download the software.
    • To access the Embedded Web Server for the printer, open a Web browser, then enter the IP address of your device.
    • Log in as an administrator, and then click System then Software Update.
    • In the Update with File Specified field, click Select.
    • Navigate to the location where you downloaded the file, then select the file.
    • Click Install Now.

Xerox printer troubleshooting assistance for Printer Reset:

  • Reset Printer Settings to Factory Defaults: The Reset to Factory Defaults feature clears all settings and returns the printer to factory defaults. All tasks, presets, Apps, and device settings are reconfigured. If a hard disk is connected to the printer, the disk is rebooted.
    • Log on to the printer control panel as administrator, then click the Home button.
    • Touch Device, then Resets, then Return to Factory Defaults.
    • On the prompt, touch Reset.
    • When the job completes, the printer restarts.
  1. Turn off the power to the printer by pressing the power switch on the right side of the printer, towards the front. Press the power switch to the off position.
  2. Wait at least 10 minutes.
  3. Remove all outstanding print jobs, if any onj the work tray.
  4. Turn on the power to the printer. Press the power switch to the on position.

SOLUTION Xerox printer troubleshooting assistance:

  1. Remove each document from the Document Feeder Tray and from the Document Output Tray.
  2. Open the Book Cover.
  3. Lightly dampen a soft, lint-free cloth.
  4. Clean the Document Glass.
  5. Clean the CVT glass on the left side of the Document Glass.
  6. Wipe the white underside of the paper cover until clean and dry.
  7. Lower the second side scanning access cover to access the second side scanning lens assembly.
  8. Wipe the glass lens, white plastic, and roller with a soft cloth dampened with water. If dirt is hard to remove, add a few drops of soft washcloth, then wipe the printer parts dry with a soft cloth.
  9. Close the Secondary Scanning Access Cover.
  10. Close the Document Cover.
  11. If the problem persists, contact Support 1-800-643-9773 for further assistance.

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