Garmin DriveSmart 55 and Traffic 5.5″ GPS


Please note that the specifications and capabilities of Garmin DriveSmart 55 & Traffic may change since my last update, so it is important to consult the latest information and user feedback you’ve got accurate and current information.

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As of my last update in January 2022, the Garmin DriveSmart 55 & Traffic is a GPS navigation device designed for automotive use. Please note that product specifications and features may have changed since then, so I recommend checking Garmin’s official website or using other reliable sources for the latest information and information a new product. Here is a detailed description of the Garmin DriveSmart 55 & Traffic based on my last knowledge:

  1. Display: The 5.5″ high-resolution edge-to-edge screen provides a clear view of the GPS interface, menus and maps.
  2. GPS Navigation : Voice-activated navigation allows you to control the GPS with your voice, so you don’t have to take your hands off the steering wheel
  3. Traffic alerts: Ready to use Garmin Traffic delivers timely and accurate alerts and updates on traffic status.
  4. Maps and updates: Updated maps and driver alerts improve safety and navigability. Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity enables computer-free mapping and other software.
  5. Smartphone connectivity: You can connect your smartphone to your device and access features like handshakes, live traffic updates, and more via Bluetooth or a smartphone app.

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