RandMcNally TND Tablet 1050


The TND Tablet 1050 stands out as a top GPS tablet for several reasons. Rugged materials are provided to truck drivers with durability in mind, and its rugged exterior is designed with high-tech materials to resist scratches and severe cracks Rand Navigation further improves efficiency by truck routes that effective and accurate based on its delivery of key information and insights. Additionally, TND Tablet 1050 offers driver versatility with multiple mounting options and a convenient removable tablet guard. Most electronics sold through come with a 1 year manufacturer limited warranty.

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The TND Tablet 1050 provides 33% more truck-specific route information than other GPS providers. The 1050’s screen is made of Gorilla Glass, making it resistant to cracks and scratches. Removable gun guard with durable corners reinforced to prevent damage from drops and falls. Drivers can optimize work responsibilities with the TND Tablet 1050’s onboard camera, receipt tracking, and more. The GPS also functions as an Android tablet, allowing for constant use outside of the watch. Specifications:

  1. 10-inch truck navigation device with camera.
  2. Powered magnetic mount connector.
  3. Dash mount with adhesive and screen options.
  4. Ball mount bracket.
  5. Windshield suction cup mount.
  6. Removable guard.
  7. Vehicle charger (5V/5A).
  8. USB-C cable.
  9. Anti-glare screen protetor.
  10. Quick Start Guide.

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